Thinking Out Loud: Bloating

Hey all! Good morningggg!!

So I’m doing something a little different today for today’s post, so I hope you enjoy a little surprise below! 🙂

Thinking Out Loud 2

Thank you to Amanda from Running with Spoons for allowing me to share my random thoughts of the week. 

Here’s the surprise….my first video! 🙂 I got so inspired after watching Lyss’s video a couple weeks ago so I decided to make my own.

By the way, I hate listening to my voice on video so I hope you don’t either. 😉

I wanted to talk about something that has been messing with my head and thoughts lately. That uncomfortable feeling you get when something in your stomach isn’t settling quite right or maybe you ate a little too much: BLOATING.

It’s honestly been one of the hardest things for me to cope with during recovery, and now even after being recovered, it still messes with my head. I’ll be talking about how to deal with it in the moment and move on from it.

But enough talk, more video! Enjoy friends! 🙂 I’m sorry if any information in this video seems redundant or rambly, but hey, that’s what Thursdays are for!

Hopefully the video works. If not, you can view it on Youtube. 🙂

Have a happy Thursday and BE WELL! ❤

Now tell me…

  • How do you deal with bloating?
  • Should I do more videos?

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