Friday: Top 3’s

Aaaaaaand once again, it’s Friday! 🙂 Geez I don’t like the pace the summer is going right now, slow down!

But hello WEEKEND, Father’s Day Weekend, to be exact. Who else is pumped to spend some quality time with their Daddy-o’s?!

This particular Friday is different because I get to GO HOME for 6 weeks before I attend my dance intensive in Boston. I am very excited to go back to the ‘burbs for a bit and enjoy having a backyard again and trees and a house with rooms and an upstairs.

Once you live in a tiny studio apartment you appreciate space so much more than you ever thought you would 😉

Speaking of appreciate, let’s appreciate this past week and everything that was awesome about it!

Linking up with Kate, of The Domestikated Life, to bring you my “tops” of the week. 🙂 

*All images are credited to their respective author.*

Top 3 Recipes

1. Pineapple Salsa RecipeShow Me The Yummy
YOU GUYS. How much better can it get than this?? Pico is great, but pineapple is better. Who’s got the chips?

This Pineapple Salsa is full of juicy pineapple, crunchy bell peppers, cooling cucumbers and more to make the perfect sweet, spicy, crunchy salsa ever! #pineapple #salsa
Source: Show Me The Yummy

2. Apple Pie SnickerdoodlesAmy’s Healthy Baking
I’ve been on an apple kick lately, so when I saw these cookies from Amy I think my dreams came true. APPLE PIE. In cookie form. Need I say more?

Skinny Apple Pie Snickerdoodles -- the perfect combo of desserts! Just 100 calories & made with NO refined flour or sugar, but they don't taste healthy at all!
Source: Amy’s Healthy Baking

3. Peanut Butter Skillet CookieSally’s Baking Addiction
I’ll just leave this here….I have no words. Sally amazes me

Giant peanut butter skillet cookie meant for digging in! Or bake as mini skillet cookies for an even quicker treat. Recipe on
Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction
Top 3 Lows

I can honestly only think of one low, so I’m sticking with that and not trying to worry about finding more!
1. For me, it has been the feeling of bloating messing with my head. In reality, I know it’s just a normal bodily process. Also I think my body is still adjusting to birth control, and it’s definitely one of the side effects. But life goes on and everything passes!

Top 3 Highs

1. Obviously getting to go home!!! My Mom is in Spain for awhile so it’s just me and the pops! I’m so  happy I get to spend the weekend with him for Father’s Day. I’m thinking amusement park time?? We LOVE rides!
2. Going out during the week. Who am I?! Haha on Tuesday night I went out with a coworker and we had a couple glasses of wine and split a piece of delicious pound cake with vanilla ice cream on top. Pure bliss. On Wednesday I went out with Hayley for a happy hour. Just look at this gorgeousness…sips in the sky! Guess which glass was mine?? 😉

Center City Sips
Find it on my Instagram, @adancersliveit

3. My last day of work and my summer class was yesterday! Hopefully I did okay on the final exam but I’m actually surprised how much I learned. It was a truly enjoyable class.


Top 3 Instagrams

1. I love Kylie’s blog, and her Instagram is always on point too. This quote makes me happy.

Imma eat that quote 2

2. This burger is completely vegan?! Too good to be true!

TOA vegan burger

3. There’s nothing better than a stack of pancakes. Emilie’s look fantastic!

Emilie Eats pancakes

Top 3 Reads

1. Your Diet Is Not the Catalyst to HappinessBlissful Lyss
This post really hit home for me. One of her best posts yet, in my opinion! “The food you eat should not be connected with how you feel about yourself.”
2. 3 Things I Learned When I Stopped Weighing Myself Every DayMindBodyGreen 
Our weight fluctuates throughout the day, so it’s nearly impossible to find that “correct” weight. Case in point: DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.
3. Life-Hacks Every Frequent Traveler Needs To Know The Healthy Maven
Davida’s blog is awesome! As someone who loves to travel, these tips and tricks will save you a TON of time at the airport or on your journey. Pack light!

Now tell me…

  • What are you looking forward to this weekend?
  • Wine or beer?

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8 thoughts on “Friday: Top 3’s

  1. Yum! That peanut butter skillet cookie is getting pinned.
    I feel ya on the bloat issues. I have them so often I sometimes forget what it feels like to not be bloated! You have the right mindset to remember it is a bodily process and nothing to judge.
    Yay for finishing your class!


  2. This weekend I am looking forward to having Sunday off! I never get weekends off from my job so this was a blessing! I am more of a Sangria person =P Beer has never tasted good to me and wine reminds me of church. Have a great weekend!


  3. Thank you SO much for your kind words about my post and including me!! Means so much to me 🙂 Keep fighting those icky thoughts in regards to bloating and remind yourself that living life is more important! So happy you get to go home too! And yay for being spontaneous and going out during the week! This weekend my best friend from school is coming to visit me and I’m so excited about that. Have a good day babe!!


    1. Aww no thank YOU for sharing it!! I’m so happy too! That’s awesome, I love when friends come in town. You guys are gonna have a great time!! Have a great day too babe! xoxo


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