Friday: Top 3’s

Hey friends!!

Sorry I was M.I.A yesterday, but the past few days have been pretty busy.

Time to round up some of my favorite things from the past week! Enjoy!

Linking up with Kate, of The Domestikated Life, to bring you my “tops” of the week. 🙂 

*All images are credited to their respective author.*

Top 3 Recipes

1. Easy Margarita RecipeShow Me The Yummy
Who doesn’t love margaritas and Mexican food?! Jennifer’s simple recipe is perfect for your Margarita Mondays…or any day of the week!

A classic, Easy Margarita Recipe. 5 ingredients: tequila, simple syrup (or agave), lime, lemon, and orange juice! A simply perfect and refreshing cocktail! #margarita #limemargarita
Source: SMTY

2. Pesto and Ricotta Naan PizzaIn It 4 The Long Run
You shouldn’t need a reason to make this Naan pizza…JUST MAKE IT.

Pesto and Ricotta Naan Pizza
Source: In It 4 The Long Run

3. Chickpea Flour Chocolate Chip CookiesAmbitious Kitchen
Don’t let the name fool you. These cookies look absolutely incredible!! Chickpea flour is actually very sweet!

These Chickpea Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies are addicting in the best way. They're dairy free, gluten free, grain free and may just be the best gluten free cookies ever.
Source: Ambitious Kitchen
Top 3 Lows

1. My grandmother (paternal) passed away on Sunday. That’s why the past few days have been very crazy around here, but my Dad and I are doing fine! Being in a nursing home and a sudden battle with pneumonia was something her body couldn’t fight, but she’s at peace now with God.
2. The amount of work I have for my online class. Yup, as soon as the first one ended this second one started! It’s all good though, I’m doing them to stay on track for graduation.
3. Not being able to see Cal again till August…crossing fingers that it will be sooner!

Top 3 Highs

1. Spending quality father-daughter time with my Dad, even if it that just meant doing yard work outside in the heat!
2. Cousins lunch at Grandma’s! One of my cousins is headed off to West Point Academy this Sunday so this was our “goodbye” to  him. Such a fun and delicious afternoon, and grandma’s first selfie!

Cousin selfie
3. Waking up in MY room every morning. Being home has been great! I love how much natural light my room gets from the sun in the morning, and it makes waking up so much more wonderful for me! 🙂

Top 3 Instagrams

1. Wise words from Cassey, of Blogilates. Never give up! EVER!!!

Blogilates water bottle

2. Anyone who knows Sally’s blog knows she has 2 adorable dogs, Jude and Franklin (he’s the little one). This picture from her Instagram made my heart melt. How cute are they?!

Sally's dogs

3. Monique of Ambitious Kitchen and Sarah of Broma Bakery just came back from Europe with Windstar Cruises and I cannot get over how gorgeous this picture is from France. I miss traveling so much!

Broma in France

Top 3 Reads

1. Your Body Isn’t A BattlefieldThe Real Life R.D.
Once again, Robyn hit home with this post. Spend more time focusing on the things that make you HAPPY instead of judging and beating up your body image. Such an important post!
2. Why I Re-Designed My Blog (And How To Know When You’re Ready)The Blissful Balance
For all my fellow bloggers out there, this one’s for you! Christina’s blog just got a makeover and it looks awesome! If you’ve been blogging for awhile and feel like you need an update, just do it. It’s time for my blog to get a makeover too, I’m convinced!!
3. Why You Feel Worse When You First Start RecoveryReal Life Recovery Diary
Amanda’s blog is another favorite of mine, and this is something I experienced when I took those first steps to recovery. It’s not easy, but I promise you it’s SO WORTH IT.

Now tell me…

  • Any fun plans for the weekend?
  • Dream travel destination?

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13 thoughts on “Friday: Top 3’s

  1. So sorry about your grandma, sending love! Sleeping in your own bed is one of the best feelings. I’d say one of my top travel destinations right now is Hawaii.


  2. Very sorry about your loss, but I am so happy to read you guys are doing okay. I love being able to get together with all my cousins.We don’t get to do it often enough.
    Online classes are the pits, no doubt. They are so much work! It’s funny because I never took a class I was really interested in online, so that made it even harder.
    Have a great, restful weekend!


  3. I really want to visit Australia or Hawaii when the triathlon championships are there. I don’t want to compete, but I want to see everything! I will pray for your family in this time of loss ❤


  4. So sorry about your grandma 😦 Always here if you need anything ❤ Yay for being in your own bed though. Seriously best feeling! I need to check out that article by Robyn. Hoping you have a great weekend babe!


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