About Marina

Well hello there! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! 🙂

My name is Marina and I am the 21 year old dancer, college student, health/wellness enthusiast, and self-diagnosed oatmeal and baking addict. I am currently majoring in Dance Performance and minoring in Public Health at a university and will graduate in the Spring of 2017. After graduation, I hope to be able to perform with a contemporary/modern dance company and am highly considering becoming a Certified Health Coach or some type of instructor in the fitness world.

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My blog, A Dancer’s Live-It, is a place where I can show you that being healthy isn’t about going on a DIEt. In order to truly appreciate the benefits of health, you have to change your lifestyle, so therefore LIVEit. For more information about this, see my “What’s a Live-It?” page. After recovering from an eating disorder in 2015, I’ve come to find that I love to write about finding a positive body image, the food I enjoy, the people I love, and how to live a happier life. I am always open to suggestions and comments about the blog, so feel free to speak your mind!

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My ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate my readers, no matter if they can relate or not.

Thank you and BE WELL. ❤

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