Father’s Day Weekend 2016

Happy late Father’s Day to all the fathers and father figures out there! You guys are the best! πŸ™‚

Also, happy Monday.
Yeah, it’s that time of the week again but we got this.

I had a great Father’s Day weekend with my Dad. It’s just the two of us for now and I cannot tell you how much quality time we enjoyed together.Β  Continue reading “Father’s Day Weekend 2016”

An Interview with Amber

Goooooood morning everyone!

Rise and shine, it’s Monday! πŸ™‚

This is my last week at school and then I get to GO HOME for a solid 6 weeks before my dance intensive. Much needed. Get me away from the city for a bit!

I wasn’t feeling super inspired this morning since I didn’t have much to showΒ for a weekend recap, so I’m popping in quickly to share something I was fortunate enough to partake in.Β  Continue reading “An Interview with Amber”

Easy Breakfasts for Busy People

Good morningggg!

Happy Monday peeps!

Twas a lovely weekend with the bf, and I’m currently en route back to my city. Back to reality for a while, I probably won’t see him for another month or so. After doing long distance for awhile you kind of get used to it…a month is nothing!Β  Continue reading “Easy Breakfasts for Busy People”

Raspberry Lemon Sunbutter Oats

Hello hello!!!

Happy Saturday pretty people! πŸ™‚ Popping in really quick before I go to work to say hi and share this oatmeal recipe with you all.

Is it STILL raining where you guys are? Seriously, I feel like I barely left my apartment all week because of the weather. Isn’t that what April is for? And May is for the flowers?!

Continue reading “Raspberry Lemon Sunbutter Oats”

Birthday Recap + Lessons I’m Learning

Well HELLO there everyone!

It’s been awhile, right?? Happy to be back and posting with an awesome birthday weekend recapΒ for you all.

By the way, I hope you all took some time on Sunday to tell your mothers (or mother figure) how much you appreciate them. They gave us life and we wouldn’t be here without them! ❀ THANK YOU MOM!Β  Continue reading “Birthday Recap + Lessons I’m Learning”