Warrior Women Wednesday #9

When you look at your body in the mirror, what do you see?

Do you see flaws, shortcomings, and fears, or do you see a body that you should love and be proud of??

Mirror selfie

Check it out: An untouched, unedited mirror selfie of me with no makeup on. I’m human too, guys!

And I am smiling at myself FOR REAL. 🙂 I mean, check out that hair though! And how can I not smile with my favorite tank from Pyknic on?!

EVERYONE should have something about themselves to admire, no matter what!  Continue reading “Warrior Women Wednesday #9”

Thinking Out Loud: Bloating

Hey all! Good morningggg!!

So I’m doing something a little different today for today’s post, so I hope you enjoy a little surprise below! 🙂

Thinking Out Loud 2

Thank you to Amanda from Running with Spoons for allowing me to share my random thoughts of the week.  Continue reading “Thinking Out Loud: Bloating”

Warrior Women Wednesday #8


It’s the best day ever.

Wanna know why? Cause it’s HUMP DAYYYY.


Oh yeah, and Warrior Women Wednesday. 😉
AKA the best blogging day of the week here on ADL!

In this weekly series, I feature a female blogger  or woman in my life who has gone through a transformative experience, inspiring journey, or something that changed their life for the better. See my Warrior Women Wednesday page for a full listing of previous posts! Continue reading “Warrior Women Wednesday #8”

Easy Breakfasts for Busy People

Good morningggg!

Happy Monday peeps!

Twas a lovely weekend with the bf, and I’m currently en route back to my city. Back to reality for a while, I probably won’t see him for another month or so. After doing long distance for awhile you kind of get used to it…a month is nothing!  Continue reading “Easy Breakfasts for Busy People”