Warrior Women Wednesday #9

When you look at your body in the mirror, what do you see?

Do you see flaws, shortcomings, and fears, or do you see a body that you should love and be proud of??

Mirror selfie

Check it out: An untouched, unedited mirror selfie of me with no makeup on. I’m human too, guys!

And I am smiling at myself FOR REAL. 🙂 I mean, check out that hair though! And how can I not smile with my favorite tank from Pyknic on?!

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Warrior Women Wednesday #5

Happy Hump Day my friends!! 🙂

How is everyone doing??

Also, “May The 4th Be With You”. 😉
Sorry, I’m easily amused.

But hey, guess what? I’ve got a new Warrior Women Wednesday post for you all today! 🙂 I’m so excited!  Continue reading “Warrior Women Wednesday #5”

Warrior Women Wednesday #1

Good morning and happy Hump Day!!!

I am beyond thrilled to introduce you all to my new blog series, “Warrior Women Wednesday”. I briefly discussed it on Saturday, but now I’m so happy that it’s here.


In this series, I’ll be featuring a fellow female blogger or woman in my life who has gone through a transformative experience, inspiring journey, or something that changed their life for the better.  Continue reading “Warrior Women Wednesday #1”

Tattoo Talk: What My Tattoos Mean

I know how many people feel about tattoos.
Trust me, you’re entitled to your opinion.

Click on image for source

‘You have that for life! Are you sure you want that on your body? Isn’t it going to hurt?’

Find it on my Instagram, @adancersliveit

Last October, I received my first tattoo on my ribs, pictured above.
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“I Had No Idea…” (NEDA Week)

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Good morning dear friends. 🙂

We’re almost at the weekend, hang in there! I cannot wait to go home for Spring Break, even though it’s not much of a “spring”.

Hello again, 10° weather…
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