End of Semester Reflections: Staying Sane

Hello and happy Saturday!! 🙂

As I sit here and finish typing this post after working a show, my brain is a giant mess of random thoughts, due dates/deadlines, and STRESS.

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Send help.

Or cookies. Or actually no, nut butter.

Better yet, send me both.

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Weekend Recap

Hello hello!

How are we doing on this lovely and WARM Monday?? Tired?



Take time to stop and smell the coffee! 🙂

I’m a little tired myself because the past weekend was a busy one, but it was great! My three performances went really well and I’m so grateful to my choreographer for letting me be a part of her piece. We made her cry.

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Weekend Update!

Good morning party people! Just thought I’d check in on this lovely Saturday morning to say hello and HAPPY WEEKEND!

Also, I’m sorry for the absence of yesterday’s post. I had no Wifi in my apartment on Thursday but my lovely property managers are the BEST and now it’s all fixed! So how is your weekend going so far? For those of you on your last leg of spring break, I promise you you’ll make it through the next week. You might be groggy and want to cry when you wake up on Monday, but the sun is out so it’s okay!  Continue reading “Weekend Update!”

Spring Break + Coconut Flour Banana Bread!

Wait, it’s my Spring Break already?

Mind. Blown. I’m halfway through this semester already?!

Yup, that’s right. After today ends I have a week off for spring break, except this weather could be the farthest thing from springy. It’s really crazy how time flies!  Continue reading “Spring Break + Coconut Flour Banana Bread!”